A breakthrough journey of high-precision vision from eye exam to lenses

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Your vision is precious and seeing well means you can enjoy the richness of every moment in life, without compromise.

95% of the population has a more sensitive vision than the graduation steps of 0.25 current diopters*.
That’s why Essilor has developed AVA™, Advanced Vision Accuracy. A breakthrough vision experience in 3 key steps for maximum precision: eye examination, personalized measurements and lenses.


What is the AVA experience?

How does the AVA™ experience work?

1. A more precise eye examination for a unique experience

The optometrist measures your eyes based on a new subjective refraction at 0.01 diopter*.

2. Measurements of your eye, frame and vision behaviour to personalise your lenses

The optician takes additional measurements of your frame, your eyes and your vision behaviour in the finest details to personalise your lenses.

3. Integration of your new precise prescription and personalised measurements combined in your premium Essilor® lenses

To bring you even greater precision*, for vision comfort and sharpness, so you can enjoy what you love to do every day.




  1. We can now define your vision prescription with an incredible level of precision.
  2. Comparison between your new precise prescription and your previous one, so you will see the difference immediately.
  3. The new precise prescription is integrated into your Varilux® or Eyezen™ lenses (up to 0.01 diopter).
  4. With optimized vision comfort, you can enjoy more of what you love to do every day.

You may have some questions about AVA at this point...

How will I be able to see the difference between my current prescription and an AVA prescription?

 1/ During the eye exam, we ask you different questions and you can say "I don't know" at any moment.
 2/ If you give a wrong answer, don't worry. This will have no impact on the final result of your prescription.
 3/ At the end of the eye exam, after a few minutes, as a result, your optometrist shows on the screen an immersive image of a real-life situation, so you can compare your former prescription to the new one. 

Czy dobór szkieł AVA wymaga specjalnego pomiaru na zaawansowanym sprzęcie?

Tak, szkła AVA mogą być dobrane za pomocą najwyższej jakości foroptera Essilor Vision R-800.

Is AVA available with all Essilor lenses?

You can have an AVA prescription on our progressive lens design range, Varilux and on our single vision lens design range, Eyezen.

For Presbyobes, Varilux® is the #1 progressive lens brand recommended by eye care professionals and promises you effortless sharp vision at any distance. Get the best of Varilux with AVA ™.

For non-Presbyobes, Eyezen™ is designed for connected lives, to relax and protect your eyes. Get the best of Eyezen ™ with AVA ™.

What are the benefits of AVA precision lenses?

Because your lenses have personalised measurements with an AVA prescription, you will see sharp and comfortable so you can do more of what you love.

What’s the difference between a normal prescription and the one that I get from the AVA experience?

Your prescription is measured in diopters (D), in fact your prescription is measured to the closet quarter of a dioptre(D). You may have noticed that your current or previous lens prescription ends with .25D, .50D .75D or just .00D. Our latest research shows that 95%(1) of people have more sensitive vision than the current correction steps of 0.25 dioptres.

Understanding this, we developed a revolutionary measurement experience for opticians so you can have the ultimate visual precision when looking through your next pair of lenses. Why a revolution? It’s because your eyeglasses can integrate your precise prescription at 0.01 diopter.

What is a prescription?

Your prescription is the result of your eye examination and allows your optician to dispense the right lenses to correct your vision. These lenses are cut to match your frame shape and fitted to make your eyeglasses.

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*While prescribed and calculated with 0.01dpt precision, the lenses must be manufactured with standard applicable tolerances